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Geoffrey Daigle DPT, FAAOMPT


What My Patients Have To Say

I have had ongoing issues with my neck because that is where I carry my stress.  The tension in my neck and upper back made me wake up with a pounding headache every day and was causing my hands and arms to go numb.  Dr. Daigle is the only physical therapist who was able to know from the first evaluation what was causing the problems, was able to isolate the nerves and muscles that were causing the numbness and headaches, and give me real solutions to treat the root of the problem.  I have been to other physical therapists and was told I would likely need some kind of surgery on my cervical spine.  His treatment is tailored to the individual. I didn’t need surgery, I needed to learn how to let Dr. Daigle lead the way and teach me exercises to do on my own.  Even though I still have the same stressors, I no longer wake up with pounding headaches and haven’t had the numbness for 2 years. He has helped me to be as medication free as I can with the exception of ibuprofen maybe once or twice a month. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Daigle’s therapy, but you have to honor his unique knowledge and do what he tells you to do!
I have tried several things for 8 months and was ready to accept my vertigo as being a permanent thing. I was thrilled when after 3 treatments with Geoffrey Daigle my vertigo was gone! He kept me informed and I felt very confident with his treatments. I also appreciate his approach to teaching patients exercises and techniques to help prevent future issues. I won't hesitate to go back should the need arise.
I recently discovered Dr Daigle and have had great results with a low back flare up. I'm looking forward to improved health by continuing to see him for other areas of pain and stiffness.
He is super friendly and fun to visit with while receiving treatment. So thankful for the service he provides!
Dr. Daigle helped me out a lot with my headaches and neck pain.
His clinic is nice, clean, and up to date.
Awesome asset to our community. :)
Dr. Daigle is incredible. Not only does he keep himself well educated he makes sure you know exactly what he is doing and why. It’s rare to find a therapist that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming his patient!
It was amazing to receive such great, one on one care with someone who listens well! Geoff explains the treatments he uses clearly, and I felt relief from my symptoms right away.
Geoffrey Daigle is immensely outstanding in his field. I traveled 2 hours to go see him at a recommendation of a friend. I was in a skiing accident in January and for three months have had the worst back pain of my life.
I had been getting PT and chiropractic work done in Minneapolis and seeing very little progress. During my first session with Geoff, I was given more knowledge on my back and body than ever before. We determined a different diagnosis for my issues and having been doing the exercises and recommended back work on my own. My back is improving on a much faster pace!
So go see him and I know you'll be pleased!

Highly recommend Daigle’s Osteopractic. I have been suffering with shoulder pain for quiet some time and have always dealt with migraines. Geoffrey uses different techniques to help the individual patient. I’ve only had 2 sessions, but I’m sooo excited to see how I feel after 6, 7 visits!!! Definitely has helped my migraines only after 2 visits!

Geoff has tremendously helped my husband’s low back and hamstring pain. Highly recommend him.

I have seen Geoff on multiple occasions...he truly cares about his patient’s and their health! His knowledge of this practice is remarkable! Geoff takes the time to set up the right treatment plan that’s just right for You! I highly recommend his services!

About Dr.Daigle

Dr. Daigle is a Fellow trained Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist with a Diploma in Osteopractic.

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